Peace past understanding

I almost let the day get away without posting. I’ve had a lot on my mind. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that things get tough some times. So what do you do when things don’t go like you plan? Do you panic? Give up and have a drink? Maybe you worry, but what good does worrying do? What has worrying ever solved? Granted a solution to our problems isn’t always obvious, leaving us feeling helpless and vulnerable. So now you’re frustrated, worried, and stressed. You’ve been here before though right? Last time you fealt like this you didn’t know how you were ever going to make it through, but you did. Didn’t you? The Bible says that I have the peace that passes all understanding. So when I have no reason to believe that I’ll make it through this situation and those circumstances I know that I will. Sometimes God has to humble us, because if you always feel like you have the situation under control then you wouldn’t call on him. When we stumble we like to blame the devil. Fact is when you stumble its probably because you took your eyes off God. You don’t have to watch your step when your steps are ordered. Thanks for your support. My name is Honest and yes…I am.


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I wasn't particularly sure what I wanted to blog about, I just knew I wanted to share my experiences. So I just decided to be Honest (pun intended). View all posts by honestj

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